一流の大人(ビジネスマン、政治家、リーダー…)として知っておきたい、教養・社会動向を意外なところから取り上げ学ぶことで“気付く力”を伸ばすブログです。データ分析・語学に力点を置いています。 →現在、コンサルタントの雛になるべく、少しずつ勉強中です(※2024年1月21日改訂)。





 今回は古沢寛行・小宮山浩光・レコード,カービィ(2004)「コロケーション徹底演習II」(泰文堂)PP. 126-29を参照。


  751. I felt it necessary to tell my new secretary a little, white lie. She asked me how I liked her new hair style and I just couldn't tell her how awful it really was.
  752. My eighty-five old mother was fit to be tied! She was outraged that America was attacking a small, weak country like Iraq.
  753. Most of us get tired of one double-faced politician after another, who promise one thing but do another.
  754. At the start of the school term, most teachers really have their hands full, preparing lessons, attending meetings, and getting to know their students.
  755. It was time to get the ball rolling. The meeting was late getting started, and only now had all the members finally arrived.
  756. The new director made it clear that we would be given a lot of leeway to solve the problems of the job but we should always keep him posted on new developments.
  757. It was a red-letter day when Jim finally got the big break he was hoping for in his acting career.
  759. He was certainly an up-and-coming young writer, but he still had a lot to learn.
  760. Many people try to follow in the footsteps of their fathers but are just not cut out for the kind of work their fathers did.
  762. We thought our proposal was about to be accepted by the committee until the chairperson himself threw cold water on the idea.
  763. I hoped I could get a good price for my home, but the prospective buyer drove such a hard bargain that I decided not to sell.
  764. He's so competitive that he always loses with such bad grace, but he's a very gracious winner!
  765. When the local police assumed the butler did it, they were clearly barking up the wrong tree. The victim didn't even have a butler.
  766. When Teresa saw her old boyfriend on the street the other day, she tried to speak to him but he just cut her dead and walked away and left her standing there without a word.
  768. The idea came to me completely out of the blue. But it turned out to be the best idea I have had in a long life.
  769. Every time we turned around Johnny was in hot water. No wonder the principal of the school decided to suspend him for two weeks from attending classes.
  770. Sometimes at work I am too pressed for time to eat lunch.
  771. As soon as I saw her in his office whispering to the boss, I knew something fishy was going on. She was always causing trouble for someone.
  772. It was clear he was trying to pull a fast one on me when he added a couple of zeros to the check he wanted me to endorse.
  773. I felt so lousy I decided to knock off work early and go to the clinic.
  774. After the tornado struck our little college town, it has looked almost desolate. An entire line of huge oak trees had been uprooted along Main Street.
  775. He never thought for a moment he would reach the exalted position to which he had just been elected - the governor of the largest state in the continental United States!


 今回は伊藤和夫(2017)「英文解釈教室 新装版」(研究社)

PP. 106-7の同格構文について*1

  The especially human activities which distinguish man from other animals all depend upon the lessening of his bondage to physical nature.
  The individuals have each an equal right to his own view as to the sort of world he wants.






white lie [ˌwaɪt ˈlaɪ] a small lie, especially one that you tell to avoid hurting somebody 意味
leeway [ˈliːweɪ] the amount of freedom that you have to change something or to do something in the way you want to 意味
prospective [prəˈspektɪv] 1. expected to do something or to become something

2. expected to happen soon
gracious [ˈɡreɪʃəs] 1. (of people or behaviour) kind, polite and generous, especially to somebody of a lower social position

2. [usually before noun] showing the comfort and easy way of life that wealth can bring

3. [only before noun] (British English, formal) used as a very polite word for royal people or their actions

4. gracious (to somebody) (of God) being kind and showing mercy

5. (becoming old-fashioned) used for expressing surprise
foul [faʊl] 1. dirty and smelling bad

2. (especially British English) very unpleasant; very bad

3. (of language) including rude words and swearing

4. (of weather) very bad, with strong winds and rain

5. (literary) very evil or cruel

6. [only before noun] (British English) done against the rules of a sport
lifeless [ˈlaɪfləs] 1. (formal) dead or appearing to be dead

2. not living; not having living things growing on or in it

3. not bright or exciting; not having the qualities that make something/somebody interesting and full of life
harden [ˈhɑːdn] 1. [intransitive, transitive] to become or make something become solid or stiff

2. [intransitive, transitive] if your voice, face, etc. hardens, or you harden it, it becomes more serious or severe

3. [intransitive, transitive] if somebody’s feelings or attitudes harden or somebody/something hardens them, they become more fixed and determined

4. [transitive] harden somebody/something/yourself to make somebody less kind or less affected by extreme situations
fishy [ˈfɪʃi] 1. (informal) seeming or likely to be wrong, illegal or dishonest

2. smelling or tasting like a fish
doggy [ˈdɒɡi] a child’s word for a dog 意味
sneaky [ˈsniːki] behaving in a secret and sometimes dishonest or unpleasant way 意味
gleeful [ˈɡliːfl] happy because of something good you have done or something bad that has happened to somebody else 意味
frolicsome [ˈfrɒlɪksəm] playing in a lively happy way 意味
lousy [ˈlaʊzi] 1. very bad

2. [only before noun] used to show that you feel annoyed or offended because you do not think that something is worth very much

lousy with something/somebody (North American English) having too much of something or too many people
desolate [ˈdesələt] 1. (of a place) empty and without people, making you feel sad or frightened

2. very lonely and unhappy
exalted [ɪɡˈzɔːltɪd] 1. (formal or humorous) of high rank, position or great importance

2. (formal) full of great joy and happiness
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